What are you saying? Don’t you really mean this…?

Story or Post Articulation is what I am Saying.

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Not too long ago, I published Thoughts which pertained to drawing conclusions, perception and perceiving. Comments were made and after seeking permission from the Author of said comments, I am posting our conversation.


Thief — Yes, you certainly bring up a good point on perception — what influences it, etc — great piece Echo!

Echo — I am learning to listen to what I say or even type, to others. The words we choose can be misconstrued — perceived in the wrong way — and/or sometimes totally misunderstood!!!

Thief — Good idea, Echo — but I do not like when somebody tries to tell us what we are saying — when we are not saying such thing at all ! — it’s a fine line!

Echo – Oh I agree with you on that, 100%+. I meant for ME ... I choose my words... when I have time to think about what I want to say. I don't want ANYONE telling me what to say or, for that matter, what I can or cannot do. Communication is key and sometimes what we say, in any medium such as this or other forms similar, can be mis-understood and misconstrued.
Silence for example... silence can be interpreted in so many different ways and have just as much, if not more, "meaning" behind it. Hmm.... such an interesting topic this is.... would you mind if I quoted you? This would be great to write about!!!

Thief — Quote away — it’s a great idea for an article, Echo — everybody is aware of it, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything written on it!

I never paid attention to my word choices until recently. Words, as we all know, can be and have been known to be, very powerful. They can bring joy or tears. They can make someone happy or sad. Words can be upsetting and cruel. Words can be misunderstood and misconstrued and words can have some people drawing conclusions and be so far off base it isn’t funny. I have had this happen to me so many times I’ve lost count. Not that I’m keeping score!!! But word choices can have an impact on people.

I am learning to communicate better. Not just better, but more effectively. And while I agree with Thief insomuch that I do not want ANYONE to tell me what I can or cannot say or what I am TRYING to say, because clearly, the SOMEONE who is TRYING to tell me what I am saying, obviously didn’t read what I actually “said”. At the same time however, I realize that when I read something … a poem for example, what I get out of the poem I’ve read, might not be what the Author had in mind. Realizing that we all have our own interpretations of what we read, is that an indication that we, the reader, are missing the author’s point?

My poems, when I write them, are written from what I happened to be feeling the moment the words were being scratched across the paper, penned or typed upon the screen. My feelings. My emotions. My experience. The reader may have their own feelings and emotions to the words written based on a similar experience. But, that doesn’t mean the reader is right or wrong, far from it. It means the reader has their own interpretation based on what was read and, more than likely, was able to identify with those words. When I write — poems, for example — I will admit that I do not pay attention to the word choices because the words are flowing through me and the words being penned or typed or scratched upon the paper, are the RIGHT words at the time. I want the reader of my poems to have their own interpretation of what the words they SEE and read.

But!!! Writing words to communicate with others, is something I am choosing to make myself be very cognizant of. I don’t want anyone hurt by what I have to say, even though I know there will be some who will be. But is that on me? In spite of being careful of the words chosen, I know that not everyone will agree with what I have to say nor will there be some who will like what I have to say. Is it my responsibility as a writer to ensure I make everyone who reads me happy?





It is not my responsibility. I don’t want ANYONE to tell me what I am trying to say and would prefer that if ANYONE doesn’t understand, to ask me. Don’t assume. Don’t put words in my mouth. And DON’T TRY to tell me what I am saying or what I said. Interpret them, yes!! Feel them, yes!! Identify with them, YES!!!! I will not apologize if anything I say angers anyone for the simple reason that what I have to say and what I said, weren’t intended to do that. What I have to say or what I said, are matters of MY heart. MY opinion. MY thoughts. MY perception. MY understanding and!!! The way that I perceive them.

How are you going to interpret this posting? Will it upset you? Anger you? Will you understand the gist of what I am conveying or TRYING to convey? And if you don’t understand, will you be able to put whatever uncomfortable feeling/emotion (or even bad thought) aside to ask me what I meant?

NO ONE, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, will ever TRY to tell me what I am saying because the person that TRIES to tell me what I am saying, cannot and will not, possibly understand. How about you? I want to be thought provoking and not thought antagonistic. I want those who read me to THINK about the words I chose. I don’t want controversial and yet there very well might be controversy.

I think, we all can agree to disagree on whatever ANYONE posts. Just. Don’t. TRY. To. Tell. Me. What. I. Am. Saying. Because that is not what I am saying at all.



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